Glad Tidings of Great Joy

Well, I need to do a Happy Christmas posting (and here it is, folks!) so this message from wonkroom seems rather festive:

New psychological research finds that dire messages about the threat of global warming will strengthen people’s acceptance of climate science when combined with solutions, which is the approach taken by leading climate activists. For some people, their response to dire messages is strongly dependent on whether hope is offered.

(ht: Chairman Brian).

Which means, I need to present you with The Solution. And that is clearly, dress up as Father Christmas and go rowing:



  1. #1 David B. Benson

    Where are the reindeer?

  2. #2 Paul Kelly

    Where are the reindeer? Off nibbling on flying mushrooms according to the news. And a Happy and Prosperous New Year to David B. Benson, who contributed to the early development of my odd ideas.

  3. #3 Andy Wickert

    (to the tune of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”)

    He’s taking a stroke
    Feathers it right
    Gotta find out who’s pulling their weight
    Santa Claus is rowing the Cam

    [Oh no, poetry of the worse sort. Our boat, of course, is poetry in motion -W]

  4. #4 David B. Benson

    Paul Kelly — Thank you, but what about your even ideas?

  5. #5 Paul Kelly

    I try to learn on the evens and think on the odds.

  6. #6 Hank Roberts

    New, invaluable tool:

    Run on the latest at Wattsup:

    Found Haikus

    Global temperatures
    rose steadily in the 1920s,
    1930s, and early 1940s.


    It will always gives
    some the impression that there
    is something to hide.

  7. #7 Andy Wickert

    “Our boat, of course, is poetry in motion -W”

    A pair? Seriously?

    OK, OK, Santa Claus has magic.

    [I meant our VIII, which is going quite well at the moment. I’ve never been out in a pair, and am not likely to in the near future. Sculling perhaps -W]

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