Coal Cares?

If you haven’t already, go look at Then read on.

Yes, its a fake (grist via greenfyre). I feel for it, in the sense that I took one look at the sight, thought “f*ck*ng hell that’s ridiculous” and looked no more. But, yes, I’m certainly capable of believing that the coal industry would do this kind of thing.


  1. #1 Heraclitus

    I loved the “Asthma Maze” – I’ll be printing that one out.

    Not sure the site deserves your empathy though.

  2. #2 MightyDrunken

    Haha, lovely satire.
    I like the part about solar energy,

    “The problem with this is, obviously, a complete absence of quality control. If everyone can collect and distribute energy, there is no guarantee of that energy’s quality. Would you trust your neighbor’s four-year-old child to operate on your kidney—or even on a potentially malignant skin mole? Surely not.”

  3. #3 Nick Barnes

    The genius of the spoof is that it’s totally believable that Peabody or similar would make Coal Cares. It’s a wonder the domain was free. The only real giveaway is the focus on asthma.

  4. #4 In Hell's Kitchen (NYC)
  5. #5 thomas hine

    Are you sure it’s fake? Coal is a wonderful filter (I put whiskey (whisky if you’re Scottish) through it every night).

    I thought it was legit, with awesome subliminal second slide energy sector plug. Bravo! Maybe a senior research project in advertising?

  6. #6 Freddie Engels

    It took me a while: “Can this be for real?!?” “Hmmm, looks like it.” “No, wait…”

    But then it’s been a long day.

  7. #8 Chris R

    I came back to ask if it was a fake. But I didn’t come back empty handed…

    “At least one thing is clear: although sheer numbers of deaths associated with coal may be larger, the varieties of death due to solar and wind could well go through the roof.”


  8. #9 Ben S

    Love this from their twitter feed:

    “HOLDING LUMPS OF COAL WON’T KILL A CHILD. Whereas holding a piece of the sun surely would.”

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