Theory / obs, again

Shamelessly stolen from mt.

[Yes, I’ve been on holiday, but I’m back now. Prepare to be bored by my holiday snaps!]


* Vilnius mayor crushes car parked in cycle lane


  1. #1 David B. Benson

    Looking forward to the pix, even if they are only experiental and without the slightest theoretical grounding.

  2. #2 andrew

    This of course is exactly why, when the Met Office computer tells me it’s going to be sunny, and I look out of the window and it appears to be raining, I don’t bother to put a coat on because the evidence of my own eyes has not been confirmed by theory.

  3. #3 rdb

    Any comment on Recipe for Climate Change in Two Easy Steps at Do the Math?

    [Much of it is correct. But the estimating 2*CO2 temperature change from knowing we have doubled pre-industrial doesn’t really work, since dT isn’t linear in dCO2 over those ranges -W]

  4. #4 rpenner

    I believe the slide is page 15 of

    [It is, thanks -W]

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