I’ve just tried to turn on registration, to deal with spam. It is probably doomed. Please try to leave a comment on this post letting me know how it worked. If it just totally f*cks up, then email me (wmconnolley (at) If just-post fails, try previewing first.

OK, it is totally f*ck*d. Thanks for your emails. I’ll turn it all off now. My apologies.

I seem to have left approve-all-comments turned on. I’m going to leave that, for at least a bit.

Note that according to the settings, any “authenticated” commenter doesn’t need approving.

[Most amusing failure email: “For some reason it thinks I am from Finland… and I dont understand Finnish”. For those who said: I couldn’t see any way to register: yes, I noticed that, I assumed it would work, somehow, for you lot.]

Recycling old posts

* We don’t even know how many legs he’s got


  1. #1 Rattus Norvegicus

    Let’s see if it works with my google id.

    [Ah! Someone got through. Well done, you win :-) -W]

  2. #2 bluegrue

    Let’s try wordpress.

  3. #3 bluegrue

    And once more, logged off from wordpress. I’m missing an opportunity to choose with which ID to comment, in case you are logged in at several sites (wordpress, google, …)

    [I think I’ve managed to turn on “require all comments to be approved before they appear”. Maybe that is a good thing; I’m not sure. I’ll leave it on for a bit and see what happens -W]

  4. #4 Hank Roberts

    Hmph. I never saw a registration icon except for something called “HelaHela” that I figured was an ad — or is it your registration tool? (Looked using Firefox, or Chrome); tried commenting while logged in to Google and to WordPress, with no luck. Trying now in case something’s changed, also logged in to both Google and WordPress at the moment.

  5. #5 David B. Benson

    Trying again today.

  6. #6 Eli Rabett

    Quiet in here

    [Shhh -W]

  7. #7 David B. Benson

    William must be approving comments in the wee hours of the morning, long before dawn…

    [Not quite. But I do wish mt had a more useable comment system -W]

  8. #8 monster beast

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  9. #9 fiverr

    How do i register?

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