Happy Christmas

And probably my all-time favourite, though this version isn’t quite right:


  1. #1 David B. Benson

    Season’s greetings as Saturnalia will soon commence for pagans.

  2. #2 Hank Roberts

    And congratulations on your amphioxus:


    It’s a long way from amphioxus
    It’s a long way to us,
    It’s a long way from amphioxus
    To the meanest human cuss.
    Well, it’s good-bye to fins and gill slits
    And it’s welcome lungs and hair,
    It’s a long, long way from amphioxus
    But we all came from there.

    Anon., Tune: “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary”
    anonymous folk claim written by Philip H. Pope of Cold Spring Harbor in 1921

  3. #3 David B. Benson

    Stoat — Wake up. Hibernation time is over now.

    [I need to do the “review of the year” -W]

  4. #4 Janette29Spence

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