A bit of fun for once: if you have a few mins spare, try a game at And if you have a bit more time, try the 19×19.

[Update: breaking news: Neutrinos not FTL for embarrassing reason?


  1. #1 Vinny Burgoo


    A very long time ago, I was very good at Go.

    Not now. Perhaps you have to be a stoned virgin to get the wa.

  2. #2 Harry

    That reason for the GPS error sounds like BS to me. The latency in the computer itself is going to be larger, and all it is doing is logging data coming from the GPS itself, which I presume it timestamped.

  3. #3 Brian Schmidt

    Stoat enjoys peepo:

    (Just looking for an excuse to post that….)

    [Cute; I can’t do that -W]

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