Comic edition

It has rained quite a bit recently.


I did go down from the bridge and give them a hand in, you realise. In other news…

* Adventures in Vim!
* Pointless resentment – one for all the people who would rather criticise than help
* Swan reveals bone-breaking technique – about Mr Asbo if you hadn’t realised. He even has a facebook page.
* Hitler was a vegetarian etc. etc., you know how it goes.
* TCBC – Total Eclipse of the Heart


  1. #1 andrewt

    Spare a thought for the Heartland guys, after seeing Watts link Charles Manson to AGW and Mcintyre link a paedophile to Michael Mann they do a billboard and everyone gets upset.

  2. #2 John Mashey

    Since this is the comic edition…

    Well, WMC may be keen on that version of Total Eclipse of The Heart, given the rowing thing.*

    [But of course -W]

    But for more amusement, one can watch the pair:

    original Bonnie Tyler video,

    but even more fun is
    the literal version, with new subtitles and lyrics. (If that disappears, hunt for TEotH title + “literal”)

    * Nothing against rowers: my wife rowed for Cambridge a few years, we attend the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race Dinner in San Francisco most years, and a good friend’s ocean rowing makes this river rowing look tame, i.e., see Roz Savage. At least, after spending days helping Roz get the boat ready, my wife is around again.