Eli has the details.

Coming soon “Addendum: The Warren Commission” – in which they conclude that Kennedy committed suicide.



  1. #1 American Idiot

    What would be really delicious is if someone wrote up “Addendum: Mission Statement of the Cato Institute” (with the real authors in small print below the big headline) and sent nice glossy offprints to all of Cato’s clients.

  2. #2 Russell

    This just in from the Times of Wattsupistan:

    Watts now seems ready to accept the IPCC reports as gospel, as long as they agree with Wikipedis:

    Gary says:
    October 20, 2012 at 9:09 am
    Are you deliberately looking for made up psuedo-facts like the one you suggest ,or actual pieces of real information?

    REPLY: It is in the IPCC report. Also on Wikipedia:


    The relationship between carbon dioxide and radiative forcing is logarithmic, and thus increased concentrations have a progressively smaller warming effect.

    The same logarithmic formula applies for other greenhouse gases such as methane, N2O or CFCs, with coefficients that can be found e.g. in the IPCC reports.[7]

    I’ll look for your apology in the next comment. – Anthony”

    [AW is always very keen to get people to apologise for him lying to them. I’m pretty sure that the CFC aren’t in the logarithmic part of the conc range – which is part of why they’re powerful, per molecule. But I don’t think he’s very good at, well, the science in any kind of depth – there’s just a seizing at a few factoids.

    I’ve corrected wikipedia’s error. Now to find out what bozo wrote it in there. Hopefully not me :-) -W]

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