Marathon and misc

2012-10-20 11.54.41 To Amsterdam, for the marathon. In case you’ve been wondering why its been quiet around here. 3:55, since you ask.

I know I still haven’t written the sea ice post. But I will; and isn’t it nice that they don’t all come at once?

I’m reading Atlas Shrugged. Yes, I know Rand is a wacko. And I know CIP didn’t like the book. But I’m quite enjoying it so far (p 703), as long as I skip through the multi-page sermons. Its getting duller now she’s reached Rivendell, though.

Middle class decline: is it inevitable? (h/t: EW). Speaking of Atlas Shrugged, there’s Greece falling apart some more. Though they seem to have a different solution.

In wiki-world, Gerhard Kramm is no more, on the not unreasonable grounds that he isn’t notable.

Oh, and the Italian scientists and earthquakes thing.


* Climate Trolls – An Illustrated Bestiary
* Book review: Atlas shrugged by me


  1. #1 Gavin

    Kicked my time into the toilet….sigh.

    Less hills in Amsterdam I expect.

    [Certainly are. I couldn’t find you marathon time but I did find you half -W]

  2. #2 Eli Rabett

    Probably last century:)

  3. #3 Rattus Norvegicus

    Was that time before or after the Paul Ryan Marathon Calculator?

    [Aha, I’m sub-3 on the Paul Ryan scale. Indeed, by bizarre co-incidence, 2:50-something :-) -W]

  4. #4 John McManus
    Nova Scotia

    I started Atlas Shrugged in the 60’s and always wondered if she ever wrote a book.


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