Eli offers us a new wheelchair but I think its a man slumped to the ground after smashing his head against the wall, leaving a trail of blood dribbling down.


* The two epochs of Marcott by Jos Hagelaars.
* WUWT is still fulminating (I throw that in as a token gesture of non-tribality, but you know my heart isn’t in it).
* Global Temperature Change — the Big Picture


  1. #1 NZ Willy

    I see this is a site for kidz.

    [Your incisive contributions certainly show up the rest of us -W]

  2. #2 Anon

    Actually, this site is very juvenile. Perfect for kids.

  3. #3 Eli Rabett

    What the hell, links am links. Tanks

    [Ya gotta take what you can get :-) -W]

  4. #4 NZ Willy

    Rabett tanks Stoat, yep, kidz-friendly here.

  5. #5 Andy Lee Robinson

    Anthropocene: unofficial name for the shortest epoch ever.

  6. #6 Doug Bostrom

    In other news, the Stoat Index* reverses itself. Advice: buy and hold; panic selling is not indicated as the Stoat Index flips quasi-periodically.

    *Position of this blog versus Mustela erminea in Google search result on “stoat.”

    [I used to be happy to be #4 -W]

  7. #7 RyanS

    Hockey sticks, scythes, wheelchairs… I can’t work out who’s taking the piss and who isn’t.

  8. #8 Arthur Smith

    Hey, google search hit #4 is a video “World’s Deadliest: Stoat Hypnotizes Rabbit”:


    – sadly the ending is not suitable for little kiddies (or bunnies)

  9. #9 turboblocke

    NZ Willy, I don’t think there is an doubt going by your contribution, but could you please clarify whether the second part of your name is a descriptor or not?

  10. #10 Eli Rabett

    Yes, the stoat wins by being silly. Way of the world. Clowns prosper, the serious get eaten.

  11. #11 Russell Seitz
  12. #12 Eli Rabett

    You need the whole Hitch there Russell, the tummy is the round part, but the wheelchair is winning the race

  13. #13 Russell Seitz

    Eli. if it’s a wheelchair , where’s the frog ?

  14. #14 Martin Gisser

    @#5 Anthropocene…

    The Internal Commission on Stratigraphy at Neven’s Blog is currently working on this. “Nocene” is proposed as following Anthropocene and the period embracing both is proposed “Dumbassic”.

  15. #15 dean

    “Eli. if it’s a wheelchair , where’s the frog ?”

    Candidate for one of the more obscure comic drawing references in recent history.

  16. #16 Russell Seitz

    re 15

    No longer.

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