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Vote me

Too late now. I got 323 votes which is about twice Labour, but only a fifth of the Tories so I’m still safely kept away from the mighty levers of political power on the county council. Whew. Unlike Simon Sedgwick-Jell in the Abbey ward of the city who is now the first Cambridge Green councillor.…

Death and Disaster

Or, Pielke versus the world. To put my prejudices up front, my money would be on Pielke. Since I get to write this whilst watching a backup of my laptop (for for some odd reason) I’ll have time to read the sources as I write this. Background: global warming is happening, and will continue into…

McCain on science

Belatedly, McCain answers the sciencedebate questions. Obama did that earlier; how does McCain fare? Its good to see that the tide of drivel hasn’t dried up: I am uniquely qualified to lead our nation during this technological revolution. While in the Navy, I depended upon the technologies and information provided by our nation’s scientists and…

Obama on science

Stein alerts me to Obama answering the science debate questions, and provides some of his own commentary. T’ Intersection reports, but wimps out of any analysis. The answers are here. So, looking only at those bits that interest me:

Or so says Gordy. The grauniad has a special supplement on Climate Change. I guess they aren’t taking it too seriously, because I spent quite a time digging through their web site before I found it. I rather liked Monbiot Porrit’s piece but for the moment I’m going to look at what Broon said.

The G8 have spoken: We seek to share with all Parties to the UNFCCC the vision of, and together with them to consider and adopt in the UNFCCC negotiations, the goal of achieving at least 50% reduction of global emissions by 2050, recognizing that this global challenge can only be met by a global response,…

Sock it to ’em

A letter from the naughty coal people, and Hansens uncompromising reply, is at I’ve been a bit critical of Hansen for over-egging the science sometimes, but exchanges like this are good to remind you of where you stand. [Update: A partial apology here but suitably mixed into another attack on the coal CEO -W]

Does Hilary Benn matter?

He does if you read FP Passport, whatever that is (thanks Inel). He says Nobody is really arguing about the science. Everybody acknowledges the cost of doing something is a lot less than the cost of doing nothing. Everybody acknowledges that each of us has a part to play. The question is, how do you…

Libdems plan zero-carbon Britain

Yes, thats right, all the power plants will be in Northern Ireland, ha ha. Anyway Huhne plans zero-carbon Britain sez the grauniad. Interesting. The policy paper is here, reassuringly titled “final”. Nice to see a major party advocating this stuff.