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Which atheist are you?

Paul points to Andrew Brown who has some curious list of “New Atheist” points. I shall take up the suggestion of treating it as a quiz, and find that I score: * There is something called “Faith” which can be defined as unjustified belief held in the teeth of the evidence. Faith is primarily a…

Citation needed

Standard wikipedia joke. See how the meme spreads. Anyway: I was listening to the renta-Odone, followed by the renta-Bishop, on R4 this morning after C4 last night broadcast a programme on assisted suicide. Everyone said all the obvious things all over again so it was a bit dull, but what I was struck by was…

On morality

Climate change seems to have gone a bit thin recently – James has got bored – and its distinctly chilly here, with snow in the air and a most glorious sundog. So lets talk about morality.