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Uncle Tom’s Top Hat

A post with no hidden meaning. Click on the picture for more.

Earth from Saturn

I know; everyone’s already seen it. But its still beautiful.

The dark hedges

Not my pic alas, but one picked up from Top 10 Incredibly Beautiful Tree Tunnels via TPP. Photo credit is The quality of light in the upper branches is gorgeous – the trees seem to be holding the light.

January: Cold in Cambridge (but this is from early-Feb, since I don’t have anything terribly good from January. The best I can offer is smoke on the water). February: early bees. March: Phoebe. Our cat. April: Petals on water. May: Humble bumbles. June: Stubai. The entire place is unbearably gorgeous. If you have a robust…


From The Olde Dayes: 2001, Lammas Land: And Daniel, also in Lammas Land: Not a reflection, but from the same times: And not from those times, but a reflection: From February 2002, one I like because its near home:

Summer in the garden

Petals on water

The shadow of Sauron

Nice pic, eh? Click for more; ht to Bad Astronomy. I don’t have any as good as that, but I do have:

Isn’t it lovely (it isn’t new. The pic is from 1999 and I’ve seen it before. But seeing it on someone’s wiki page reminded me). Far better than a Green Hornet. Or maybe you’d rather listen to the wabbit. [Update: see various comments. The situation is more complex than I though, and possibly not fully…

Cat on Roomba

We’ re recently acquired the second half of that vital twosome, the cat, to complement our Roomba. And so, here is a picture of our cat, Phoebe, on a Roomba.