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Cold again

and yet more photo spam: Last week it was cold. It was warmer at the weekend. But this week it is cold again. Though as RC points out, its not going to be the coldest winter for a millenium. We went rowing tonight. Oddly enough we were the only crew out. We had to stop…


Exciting news just in – its cold in Cambridgeshire. All over the UK I expect, but I haven’t checked. indeed I haven’t checked out all of Cambridgeshire, let alone Cambridge, but never mind I’ll trust the reports. I tried putting my foot onto the snow and I can confirm: yes, it is cold. Not much…

Cold and Dark again

So I was coming upstairs after talking to the digits about the things you talk to digits about, when a little beep came from my mobile receiving a text message and I just knew it was going to be the outing coming On. 4pm on a cold dark monday with only 4 people signed up:…

Cold and Dark

Cold, isn’t it? And quite dark too (is that the [[Equation of time]]?). But I’m rather enjoying this snow – it is clear and crisp, so far. I’ve only fallen off once. [Update: Looks cold but lovely from above [ ]. Mind you, it is warm elsewhere]