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Expletive Delighted?

More politics, sorry. Still, if you want science, RC and J+J are blogging AGU. But CIP is delighted with Obama’s speech on the economy. I’m less so; the comment there from Wolfgang (He always gave great speeches… this was one reason he won in 2008. The problem is that great speeches are not sufficient once…

Obama does not impress

On the recent oil spill issue (possible disclaimer: I’m wondering about buying I bought some BP shares). I’m thinking about headlines like Obama Says He Would Fire BP CEO, Wants to Know ‘Whose Ass to Kick’. [Update: both TB and H point out that this quote is taken well out of context; see the comments…

Some while ago – probably about 15 years ago – there was a good Steve Bell carton showing the US airforce dropping “ozone friendly” bombs on the ragheads (or the gooks, or the commies, or whoever the enemy was then). It was quite funny, unlike Obama, who isn’t.