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The latest crop of links-n-stuff. First up is this superb photo – ht TS’s google reader feed. It won second prize but for my money is far and away better than any of the others (higher-res version – thanks BD). Its tagged as a “condensation rainbow” but it isn’t, I think (wrong shape). It is…

Cat on Roomba

We’ re recently acquired the second half of that vital twosome, the cat, to complement our Roomba. And so, here is a picture of our cat, Phoebe, on a Roomba.

The Great Lettuce Famine

Apparently we’re all going to die because The Spooky Face means all that healthy foreign-grown lettuce and fine green beans can’t be flown in. Or so said the radio this morning; I wasn’t paying too close attention because I was sleepy, they may have phrased it slightly differently. However, when I got to Waitrose I…