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Petals on water

Pix of the day

Jules James has a lovely pic, which I’ve shamelessly ripped off here. But go over there too. The paper seems to be at pubpages.unh.edu/~lch/Hamilton climate interaction.pdf; fig 1 is perhaps even more entertaining: not a single Republican thinks they don’t understand GW at all. While I’m doing pix, this one from Spam Volume Drop on…


I liked it, anyway, enough to clean it up. Perhaps better in context: Echo Park Time Travel Mart (via TS’s feed). And the Victorian iPods are good, too. Via CIP, who feels for the suffering rich, a good piece from Krugman (which is itself really from Brad DeLong) Rat Race America. On why those who…

Isn’t it lovely (it isn’t new. The pic is from 1999 and I’ve seen it before. But seeing it on someone’s wiki page reminded me). Far better than a Green Hornet. Or maybe you’d rather listen to the wabbit. [Update: see various comments. The situation is more complex than I though, and possibly not fully…

Grave face

Going through the photo backlog. From Jenny’s village.

I love this so much

Sometimes I have to admit I’m completely outclassed, and people who can find this kind of stuff win hands down.


Isn’t this beautiful: Story behind it from withouthotair.blogspot.com/2010/01/wind-farm-wakes.

Poor old Monckton

Off in Wootsup land someone called Gudfry is having trouble with the portrayal of Monckton on wikipedia, saying: I see Connelly and his “tag-team” are at it again. This time it’s about the many disputed entries about Lord Monckton, the prominent anti-AGW campaigner. Many contributors have argued that they have chosen a picture of him…

Cold and Dark

Cold, isn’t it? And quite dark too (is that the [[Equation of time]]?). But I’m rather enjoying this snow – it is clear and crisp, so far. I’ve only fallen off once. [Update: Looks cold but lovely from above [http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_depth/8447023.stm ]. Mind you, it is warm elsewhere]