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Exciting news just in – its cold in Cambridgeshire. All over the UK I expect, but I haven’t checked. indeed I haven’t checked out all of Cambridgeshire, let alone Cambridge, but never mind I’ll trust the reports. I tried putting my foot onto the snow and I can confirm: yes, it is cold. Not much…

More snow

Yet more snow. This lot only just settled; moderately thick, but turned to slush later in the day. In particular, the puddle of dirty roadside slush I feel into was cold and wet. But along the footpath it was still beautiful: This is to prove to Jules that the UK isn’t all bad. CSR is…

Cold and Dark

Cold, isn’t it? And quite dark too (is that the [[Equation of time]]?). But I’m rather enjoying this snow – it is clear and crisp, so far. I’ve only fallen off once. [Update: Looks cold but lovely from above [ ]. Mind you, it is warm elsewhere]