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“Jesus was half-chimpanzee”

Via Red State Rabble:

“These evolutionists are saying that Jesus was half-chimpanzee, so was Mohammed and Buddha,” said Alan Detrich, a 58-year-old Lawrence Republican who takes classes at Kansas University. “I dont think thats right.”

In this story, Detrich gives us the minimalist version of Paley’s watchmaker argument:

The question is the story of the rock and the clock. If you find a rock in a field, no big deal. If you find a clock in a field, you look around for who created it. Did we just appear like the rock? Or did it take intelligent design to make us? I think it took intelligent design to make us

Detrich has set his sights on running against moderate state school board member Bill Wagnon for 2008. He’s a fossil collector and artist, whose website is called Spear of Jesus where you can buy your very own 18k gold crown of thorns, and read about his life: “Then Life changed for Alan when he was honored by a face to face look at the actual Spear of Jesus stored away from public eyes located in Austria. His art changed, his priorities changed…”.

Under “musings” we have:

spear-it (spirit)
evil-utionist = ape-iest = malarki-ologist
a “scientist” sighs… then tests
… there are NO PERKS in purgatory
Life is a short story with a L o n g e n d i n g.



  1. #1 alan detrich
    July 29, 2008

    For You,

    What do you call a Jew who has had to much to drink?

    ” A-Bar-Mis-Fit ”

    Hope you thought my joke was funny.
    Best to you,
    Alan Detrich

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