Stranger Fruit

Spin, Part II

Over at Dembski’s blog, the poor saps are trying desperately to get some joy out of the Dover decision. Witness “DaveScott”:

The next trial needs be carefully crafted by OUR side so that …

2) The expert witnesses on our side should be industrial design engineers not biologists. What are biologists doing testifying about design? I never understood that. Biology is a cross between pipetteing and stamp collecting. Biologists wouldn’t recognize digitally programmed factory automation if it bit them on the ankle. But the trial isn’t about science. ID doesn’t need to be science. It needs to be NOT religion and that’s all it needs to be. It could be zen basket weaving as long as it isn’t religion. The constitution doesn’t prohibit the government from making laws regarding the establishment of basket weaving. What we should really do is pan the science experts altogether and just use doctors of theology to testify that the ID in question is not religion.

3) The school board’s decision to include ID hypothesis in the evolution section of biology needs to be based solely on the “Santorum language” in “No Child Left Behind” legislation and on the urging of President George W. Bush who, when asked if ID should be taught in public school, said (paraphrased from memory) “I think it should be taught so that people can understand what the controversy is all about”. A purely secular decision at the urging of the man holding the highest office in our land will be difficult to impugn.[emphasis mine]

Later on he states “Judge Jones, you dumbass. Please God save me from ignorant ideologues with delusions of competence.”

With supporters like that, ID is doomed to failure.