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Relaxing at the moment, listening to Charles Mingus’ Dynasty [amaz] and was reminded of a quote that is attributed to him: “Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.” In many ways, Darwin made the complicated awesomely simple.

End of Semester

It’s the end of the semester here. Classes ended last week and that leaves me with some final exams and papers to get graded before the end of this week. I’ve also got a talk (on ID) to prepare for Friday. All good. Via PZ, I give you the Beatitudes for Teachers: Then Jesus took…

“Jesus was half-chimpanzee”

Via Red State Rabble: “These evolutionists are saying that Jesus was half-chimpanzee, so was Mohammed and Buddha,” said Alan Detrich, a 58-year-old Lawrence Republican who takes classes at Kansas University. “I dont think thats right.” In this story, Detrich gives us the minimalist version of Paley’s watchmaker argument: The question is the story of the…

Live Longer With Evolution

Michael Rose has been working on the problem of senescence (why organisms age) since the 1970’s. Today’s NYT Science Times carries an interview with him. Q. You are an evolutionary biologist by profession. As a researcher trained mostly in Canada and England, are you astonished by the American battles over Darwinism? A. Not since coming…