Stranger Fruit

And at #46 we have … Bruce Chapman

Not for the easily offended – so PZ will enjoy it ! – is the BEAST Most Loathsome People in America 2005. And who do we see at #46? Why, none other than Bruce Chapman of the DI!

46. Bruce Chapman

Charges: Founder of the misnamed “Discovery Institute.” Despite its pioneering title, Chapman’s organization seeks to make one of the world’s oldest, dumbest ideas the prevailing ideology, to “undiscover” evolution and set us back more than a century. Seems to believe a petition signed by 400 PhDs and professors is convincing proof of Intelligent Design’s widespread acceptance, when more scientists named “Steve” endorse Darwin. A lazy dissembler, he blames the lack of actual research and peer-reviewed articles on ID on academic “blackballing.” Right, ’cause Galileo had it easy. Chapman’s sole trailblazing achievement in the field of academic inquiry has been in proving scientists can be even smugger–when driven by theology.

Exhibit A: Held high-level positions under Reagan and Bush, Sr. Is not
a scientist.

Sentence: Infested and colonized by scabies mites: eyeless, brainless parasites unique to humans – perfectly evolved to afflict us. Succumbing to the maddening itch, Chapman skins himself alive.

[Laughs uncontrollably]

The other 49 are choice as well, by the way.