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ID’s martyr complex is alive and well. Witness

By proclaiming it illegal to “disparage or denigrate” neo-Darwinism, Judge Jones adopted the principle of the Inquisition, and in so doing rendered both himself and that state-enforced theory ridiculous. Taking a longer view, I think Dover will come eventually to be be seen as a moral victory, in the same way that Galileo‚Äôs condemnation is now viewed as a moral victory.

There is only one thing to say to Judge Jones – eppure, si muove!

Galileo they ain’t! As my students noticed last week, Galileo had observations, experiments, and explanations in his works. IDists have negative argument (“evolution cannot explain X, so design can”) and no explanation of how the design occurred beyond “The Designer did it”. 


  1. #1 John Farrell
    February 3, 2006

    …who is currently working on a history of Catholic reactions to evolutionary thinking.

    I for one am looking forward to your book!

  2. #2 Dave S.
    February 3, 2006

    …and no explanation of how the design occurred beyond “The Designer did it”.

    It’s even worse than that, since they can’t even say there was only one designer. Of course for religious reasons they ignore this.

  3. #3 Ocellated
    February 3, 2006


    What’s worse than a lack of observations is that comparing Dover to the inquisition is an utterly dishonest analogy. In fact, I blogged about this same post from Dembski just this morning.

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