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Reviewing Ruse

Grrlscientist has a review up of Ruse’s book, The Evolution-Creation Struggle (2005), so I thought I’d copy a review I wrote that appeared in Nature Cell Biology (Dec 2005 issue). As an undergraduate in Ireland in the mid-80’s I ran across a copy of Ashley Montagu’s book Science and Creationism. Frankly, I felt that I…

AAAS Statement on Evolution

The American Association for the Advancement of Science is this nations premier scientific body and was founded in the 19th century to promote science (along the model of its British counterpart). Ironically, one of its early supporters was the great creationist Louis Agassiz – whom many have described as the last great American creationist scientist…

A blog not to be skipp(er)ed

Rob Skipper is a philosopher and historian of biology whom I had the pleasure of spending some time with last year at the Dibner Institute Seminar at Woods Hole. So, I note that he and his group at the University of Cincinatti have a new blog, hpb etc. Drop by and say hello!

I’m in better mood ….

Earlier on today I posted the following which seems to have disappeared from the page: After spending yesterday evening preparing for classes by watching the ICR video Thousands … Not Billions and the ID flick The Privileged Planet, I awake to read this. Randy Olson, following an MFA in filmmaking from USC, has decided that…

Word of the Day

Quailtard: farm-raised quail released for the hunters to fire at. As in: “Look, the mere fact that we’re even talking about how the vice president drives up with his rich friends in cars to shoot farm-raised wingless quailtards is letting the quail know ‘how’ we’re hunting them” (Rob Corrdry, The Daily Show, 2/13/06). (via Boingboing)

Struggling with the age of the earth

Dan Ely is a physiologist who supported the Ohio lesson plan that was defeated yesterday. In this skreed, the DI tries to make out that Ely – who testified in Kansas – has been unfairly represented as a creationist. Let’s look at the Kansas transcript, shall we? Q: Welcome to Kansas. I have a few…


Memory leaks in Firefox

I like Firefox and have been using it since it was a very early beta. However, of late I’ve noticed that it is really hogging memory. Turns out, it’s a “feature” (see this Slashdot article). More importantly, you can fix the “feature” but page loading will take a little hit.

Good news from Ohio

The Ohio state school board has just voted (11-4) to eliminate a lesson plan and science standards that opened the door to teaching ID. See here and here. Panda’s Thumb alread has a thread open.

First computers

Over at Slashdot, there is a story discussing readers’ first computers. The first computer I owned was a ZX-81 with an 8k ROM, 1k RAM and a Z80A cpu (more specs here). I learned to program in BASIC and assembly on it and stored programs on audio tape. That was 1982. In 1984, I got…