Stranger Fruit

Sad professor still grading

I can’t possible compete with RPM’s “Double Entendre Friday” (heh, heh, he said “penetrance”), but here they are, your Friday Random Ten:

Sad Professor / REM / MTV Unplugged

Babylon Sisters / Steely Dan / Gaucho

Free Fallin’ / Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers / Greatest Hits

I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend / The Ramones / Ramones Mania

Police State In The Usa / Anti-Flag / Die For The Government

Salty Dog / Cat Power / The Covers Record

Something’s Gotten Hold of My Heart / Nick Cave / Kicking Against the Pricks

Working on a Building / Cowboy Junkies / The Trinity Sessions

Shellshock / New Order / Substance

Waiting In Vain / Bob Marley & The Wailers / Legend

The Man Who Sold The World / Nirvana / Unplugged