Stranger Fruit

As I mentioned previously, I’m getting to spend the latter half of Spring Break over in Colby College, Maine – where the temperature is currently 43 degrees. That’s not too bad (it’s only 52 here in the desert at the moment). Problem is, they are forecasting a high of 39 and low of 20 for Wednesday (when I arrive) and then Thursday (when I talk, see below) is 39/15. Friday will be 35/14. I mean, come on, that’s not a high! No snow though. (Which is kind of a pity …).

On Thursday, I will be giving a public talk (“Darwin, Design, and Democracy”) at Colby . The venue is the Olin Science Center, the kick-off is 7:00pm, and I’m being sponsored by Colby’s Science, Technology & Society program (link).

In any case, point is I probably wont be blogging much/at all until I return over the weekend.