Stranger Fruit

Still alive

I’ve been quiet the past week for a number of reasons. While course & talk preparation and more general bits & pieces have kept me busy, a huge part of my spare time (such as it is) has been given away to activities related to hiring a new lecturer here at the College. That has meant lunches, dinners, meetings, teaching demonstrations and such like. On top of that, I have page proofs of an introduction to get through, and a final examination to begin drafting (or at least the study guide for same). All very busy. But I should be back on target and posting sometime this weekend.

In lieu of a Friday Random Ten, I will note that the Kleptones – those mash-up maestros who gave us A Night at the Hip-Hopera – have a new 2CD set available called 24 Hours. As always it is free and can be downloaded here. Enjoy.