Stranger Fruit


I’m procrastinating a little as, like Janet, I have a stack of grading staring at me. The good news is that two of my three classes this semester are over, the bad is that there is still grading to be done, along with end of semester administrivia. Still, two weeks should see it all over and me hanging with a buddy in San Diego for a few days. So, to aid my procrastination, I’ll do the ABC meme thingie that Janet and RPM have already completed. See below the fold.

Accent: Irish. It used to be a lot stronger, though compared to many Irish accents it was always kind of neutral. Teaching in the US since 1994 has taken it’s toll and I’m now reduced to a lilt 🙂

Booze: Damn yeah. Current choice would have to be any decent Indian Pale Ale (Stone IPA or Ruination IPS from Stone Brewery, San Diego, come to mind). There are a lot of lousy IPA’s out there that are insufficiently ‘hoppy’ to be interesting – the two I mention get it right. Spirit of choice would have to be Bombay Sapphire.

Chore I Hate: Grading, grading, grading. No competition.

Dog or Cat: Dog.

Essential Electronics: Laptop and iPOD.

Favorite Cologne: Nope. Hate the stuff.

Gold or Silver: White gold (is that a cop-out?)

Hometown: Spent 25 years in Dublin (Ireland) and the remainder in the Phoenix metro area. Tempe is home.

Insomnia: Occasionally. Usually when I’m brainstorming a paper or article.

Job Title: Honors Faculty Fellow at the Barrett Honors College of Arizona State University (a.k.a. Senior Lecturer)

Kids: One.

Living arrangements: Nice two-story house in Tempe, AZ, with my better half and kid.

Most admirable traits: Sense of humor & quick wit. Ability to solve problems.

Not going to cop to: Nothing comes to mind. Other than being a god-less, baby-eating, liberal, professor who corrupts the youth of America.

Overnight hospital stays: Had a heart attack a few years back so that involved staying a few nights. Other than that …

Phobias: Some heights, especially when the ground below me is less than perfect. I love flying. I hated parasailing. YEah, I know …

Quote: “I come from a long line of determined, resourceful, microscopic tadpoles – champions every one.” (Kurt Vonnegut)

Religion: Recovered Catholic. Philosophically Buddhist. Currently agnostic.

Siblings: Two sisters.

Time I wake up: Wake up 6’ish. Get up 7’ish.

Unusual talent or skill: Hah! Like I can tell you.

Vegetable I love: Potatoes.

Worst habit: Procrastination about grading. Nothing else, just grading.

X-rays: Teeth & jaw, legs (after a motorbike accident)

Yummy foods I make: I do a damned good pizza even though I say so myself; Anything on a bbq;

Zodiac sign: Gemini, but I don’t believe in that kind of thing.


  1. #1 mythusmage
    April 29, 2006

    I was introduced to cooking thanks to finals.

    I was 12, mom was an assistant professor out at San Diego State. I walked into the kitchen and found her going over a pile of workbooks. I asked, “When’s dinner.”

    In reply she went to the cupboard and got out a can of Beefaroni. Which she handed to me. Puzzled, I asked, “What do I do with this?”

    “Heat it up.” and she went back to grading the books.

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