Stranger Fruit

I can’t hear what you say

As usual, GrrlScientist started it

Your Theme Song is Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd

“There is no pain, you are receding.
A distant ship’s smoke on the horizon.
You are only coming through in waves.”

You haven’t been feeling a lot lately, and you think that’s a good thing.
The comfortable part is nice… but you should really work on numb.

I can live with that. Afarensis, Orac, GrrlScientist and I are all, apparently, introverted screw-ups. It’s all a little suspect though – PZ was characterized as “Heartbreaker, superflirt, player… you’ve been called all of those. You’re not that innocent, and you know that you have a super sexy vibe!”


  1. #1 Sean Storrs
    April 30, 2006

    My theme song ended up being “Born to be Wild” which fits because the question I get asked most often besides, “How are you?” is “are you staying out of trouble?”

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