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Oh my Lordi!

Growing up in Europe, one couldn’t avoid the annual ritual that is the Eurovision Song Contest. Embarassingly, Ireland has won the contest more times (7) than any other county. Responsible for unleashing ABBA on an unsuspecting world in 1974, the contest also has to be blamed for “Riverdance“. The music is largely worthless, clean-cut, “EuroPop”, which makes it interesting that this year’s winner was Finnish metal band Lordi for their work “Hard Rock Hallelujah!


ABBA, these guys ain’t! There’s a Google Video of their performance here.

Interestingly, the very participation of the group was opposed by some individuals in the host country Greece. The President of a Greek restaurant and bar owners’ union, Mrs. Niki Kostantinidou, issued the following statement (speaking for all Hellenes) in March:



Hellenes declare that they do not accept the entrance of the elected Satanic Finnish Music Band in Greece during the next EUROVISION SONG CONTEST that is to be organized in Athens, because it has nothing to do with human, Hellenic and Finnish civilization.

We ask all people with common sense to say ‘NO’ to this evil presence and ‘NO’ to all these people that chose this song and music group, as the best to represent Finland.

We ask the Finnish Government, the Leader of Finnish Church, the Leader of Finnish Parliament to take place and stop the song now, declaring their opposition to the representation of Finland by this evil group of musicians and singers.

We ask the Finnish Commission of Eurovision Song Contest to cancel the procedure and choose another song.

This evil & satanic Finnish band is not welcome in Greece. We welcome all Finnish friends that love and respect Hellenic civilization, Hellenic Christian Church and our Orthodox believes. (source)

Mrs. Kostantinidou would fit right in here in the US, methinks.


  1. #1 RPM
    May 20, 2006

    They look like a bad knock-off of GWAR.

  2. #2 John Lynch
    May 20, 2006

    I’m perplexed as to what a *good* knowck-off of GWAR would be like 🙂

  3. #3 Roman Werpachowski
    May 20, 2006

    Lordi looks to me like Warhammer RPG models which came alive.

  4. #4 John Lynch
    May 20, 2006


    wow, that takes me back. I haven’t thought about Warhammer since the late 80’s!

  5. #5 Roman Werpachowski
    May 21, 2006

    Oh, in the university I knew two guys who were very much in this stuff. Never played it myself, though took part in some pen and paper sessions — lots of fun, kinda miss it.

  6. #6 Tristram Brelstaff
    May 21, 2006

    I take it that the next contest is to be hosted in Mordor?

  7. #7 Roman Werpachowski
    May 21, 2006

    Mordor has got nothing to do with Warhammer.

  8. #8 Sean Storrs
    May 21, 2006

    he Sci-Fi geek in me noticed right away that this lot looks a great deal like The Reavers of “Firefly” and “Serenity.” You can see what I mean here:

    They also vaguely remind me of Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie.

    As for how they sound, after seeing their performance online , words fail me.

  9. #9 Roman Werpachowski
    May 21, 2006

    Sean, they’re not that bad. At least they are light years ahead of the typical Eurovision trash.

    There are, it seems, scientific papers being written about Eurovision:

  10. #10 386sx
    May 21, 2006

    Sean, they’re not that bad.

    Ditto here, Mr. Werpachowski. I’ve heard the song twice, and I actually liked it better the second time around. It reminds of some of those old KISS songs. FWIW, I think it’s a fairly good song. Cheers!

  11. #11 Sean
    March 22, 2007

    It was announced today that Lordi will be part of this summer’s “Ozzfest ’07.” Ticket details can be found here.

  12. #12 Sean
    March 22, 2007

    Let’s try that again…

    You can find Ozzfest ticket information here.

  13. #13 žan
    March 25, 2007

    lordi so najboljši vse muske poznam skor napamed k so mi tok hude saj en dobr komad je zmagal na ejvroziji Finska je pa tud huda država ampak lordi pa so še hujši sam ko jih bi saj vidu na bliz no na lastne uči prihajam iz SLOVENIJE tem so lordi najbolj popolarni. MWA rad bi vas vidu lepo se imejte in velik komadov še posnemte.ADIJO.I love you

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