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I’m, like, you know, outa here

I’m going to be out of regular electonic contact until the beginning of next month, so there will be a blogging hiatus. It would be really sweet if we meet our challenge goals by the time I return. I can dream, can’t I? Update: Two of our four projects are now 100% funded. Thank you…

Like, yeah, whatever

Have to agree with this one … Another one below the fold. Via boingboing.

Argentinian S&M? More S really.

So, yeah, Argentina whupped Serbia & Montenegro, 6-0. For your viewing pleasure here is Esteban Cambiasso’s goal, the second of the six. We’re up to 28% of our goal and are third of the SBers for money collected. So let’s keep it up!

An update

Good news from the mothership. SEED magazine has come out and stated that it will match the total donations from our DonorsChoose drive up to $10,000. Yes, folks, your $10 donation is now worth $20. So don’t delay. I know this is a little like one of those public radio/tv pledge drives that annoy you…

Ask A Scienceblogger

The mothership asks: How is it that all the PIs (Tara, PZ, Orac et al.), various grad students, post-docs, etc. find time to fulfill their primary objectives (day jobs) and blog so prolifically? Ann Coulter would answer that, in the case of PZ at least, being an atheistic anti-american liberal evilutionist, his drinking of the…

Observation: ESPN soccer commentators are idiots who need to stop bringing everything back to the US/Italy game. Observation: Trinidad & Tobago were unlucky. Prediction: Neither England nor Sweden will advance past the Round of 16. Prediction: Italy 2 USA 0

Educators will tell you that a good foundation at the K-2 level leads to success later on. My daughter has just finished first grade and over the past year alone has made significant strides in her reading, writing and math ability, all due to the dedication of her teachers. While we live in a relatively…

A Georgia Peach-Dee

John beat me to it, but I’ll go ahead anyways. Congrats to Reed Cartwright, active at Georgia Citizens for Integrity in Science and the Panda’s Thumb, for passing his dissertation at the University of Georgia and thus now becoming Dr Cartwright. Good job, Reed. Now get back to whatever you were doing before grad school…

Canada and Vietnam

It appears Coulter’s knowledge of evolution (and the certainty with which she spouts) is on a par with her knowledge of the Vietnam War.

Coulter, Dembski, and ?

Apparently more than Dembski helped Coulter with her attack on evolution: “I couldn’t have written about evolution without the generous tutoring of Michael Behe, Devid Berlinski, and William Dembski” Dembski, Behe & Berlinski. It’s not looking good for the three amigos.