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Dembski’s Daschund?

i-86c525e3a5b5b2de3fb7bd722ed696d2-daschund.jpgDarwin had his bulldog. Apparently Dembski now has his daschund. Ann Coulter is apparently now the kinder gentler machine gun hand of the Wedge.

Ann is taking Phillip Johnson’s message as developed in DARWIN ON TRIAL and REASON IN THE BALANCE and bringing it home to the masses. Critics will dismiss it for its hyperbole, lack of nuance, and in-your-face attitude. But she has the gist just right, which is that materialism (she calls it liberalism) dominates our culture despite being held by only a minority of the populace and has become an agenda among our elites (academy, scientists, media) for total worldview reprogramming.

For all their talk about “materialism” (now apparently equivalent to “liberalism”) leading to baby-eating atheism, bestiality and the debasement of culture, it’s interesting that Dembski and friends seem to have no problem embrassing the “Christian” values and rhetoric of Coulter.


  1. #1 mark
    June 13, 2006

    At the same time, Coulter has her lapdog.

  2. #2 brittany
    January 16, 2007


  3. #3 Erin
    June 4, 2007

    Love the Wennie

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