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House Votes

The House voted 235-193 to override Bush’s veto of the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, 51 votes short of the required number. Here, for the record, is how Arizona’s representatives voted on this issue:


For: McCain (R)
Against: Kyl (R)


For: Flake (R), Grijalva (D), Kolbe (R), Pastor (D),
Against: Franks (R), Hayworth (R), Renzi (R), Shadegg (R)

No surprises – Kyl, Hayworth, Renzi and Shadegg are in tight races for their seats come November and Franks ran on an anti-abortion platform last time around.


  1. #1 Ivan Godinez
    July 19, 2006


    It’s unfortunate that we live in a country where its leaders are more concerned with winning seats than advancing a whole civilization. What do you think is the future role for scientist in this country? Dont know about you, but I am sick and tired of the naivette expressed by so many politicians and the lack of scientific foundation in many of the policies set forth.
    How are you doing with Nietzsche? (Phil/sci degree here!)

  2. #2 Jim Lippard
    July 19, 2006

    Actually, there is a HUGE surprise in that voting record–that Trent Franks, Mr. Anti-Abortion/Life Begins at Conception himself, voted for the stem cell research bill???

    I’m also surprised to see that Flake voted for it. Those who voted against it are no surprise, nor are the votes of our House Democrats or Kolbe. But Franks–that’s pretty unbelievable.

  3. #3 John Lynch
    July 19, 2006


    Turns out I screwed up and confused Frank with Franks. I fixed my original post now.

  4. #4 John Lynch
    July 19, 2006


    I’ve been teaching Nietzsche (especially the Genealogy) for ~8 years now. The reading is more, eh, light summer fare to dip in and out of a chapter at a time while disting Fisk’s much larger – though very readable – work :)

  5. #5 Jim Lippard
    July 20, 2006

    Thanks for the correction–that makes a lot more sense. If Franks had voted for the veto override, I think *that* could have been used against him, both to damage his relations with his base and to show dramatic inconsistency of position.

    Instead, the case will just have to be made against the stupidity of his position, which unfortunately doesn’t always seem to resonate with the American voter.

  6. #6 Matthew C. Nisbet
    July 20, 2006

    I have this overview on how Bush came out on top yesterday in the battle over the visual.

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