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Why Bush’s position is a joke

Scott Rosenberg:

Here is why Bush’s position is a joke: Thousands and thousands of embryos are destroyed every year in fertility clinics. They are created in petri dishes as part of fertility treatments like IVF; then they are discarded. If Bush and his administration truly believe that destroying an embryo is a kind of murder, they shouldn’t be wasting their time arguing about research funding: They should immediately shut down every fertility clinic in the country, arrest the doctors and staff who operate them, and charge all the wannabe parents who have been wantonly slaughtering legions of the unborn. But of course they’ll never do such a thing. (Nor, to be absolutely clear, do I think they should.) Bush could not care less about this issue except as far as it helps burnish his pro-life credentials among his “base.”


  1. #1 entlord
    July 20, 2006

    I seem to remember that President Bush at one time referred to nuclear transfer blastocytes as “potential human beings”. Now that would be a neat trick.

  2. #2 ChrisTheRed
    July 24, 2006

    I’d like to know when Bush and his Embryo Caballeros are going to go after the rhythm method. You’ve got to figure if he’s not doing that, he’s just squawking for effect.

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