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Grrlscientist asked. I answer:

I am nerdier than 98% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

I too had taken this before. I seem to remember having got a slightly lower score. Must be the extra memory in my new laptop 🙂


  1. #1 ArtK
    July 30, 2006

    Same score! Of course, making me choose between operating systems is unfair — I use all of the listed ones almost daily.

    So, did you notice her ears, the sweater or the smile?

  2. #2 John Lynch
    July 30, 2006

    I agree regarding the OS choice. I use Linux & Windows. Ended up choosing Linux (if only because I though it was nerdier).


  3. #3 Doc Bill
    July 31, 2006

    I scored 99, but I could have made 100 if I had been catty and said that COBOL wasn’t a programming language. (although I did meet Grace Hopper once)

  4. #4 Chris Hyland
    July 31, 2006

    “I use Linux & Windows. Ended up choosing Linux (if only because I though it was nerdier).”

    Me too and I ended up with the same score. If you have a spare few minutes try this one: You have to be particularly geeky to get a high score.

  5. #5 John Lynch
    July 31, 2006


    22.09073% … Geek.

    Some of the questions I’d have answered yes to had it been about the past as opposed to now.

    I’m not sure I’m proud of it though.

  6. #6 Chris Hyland
    July 31, 2006

    I got 25, but I have a friend who got 65. He goes to a lot of conventions though.

  7. #7 W. Kevin Vicklund
    August 2, 2006

    99% I am the SUPREME NERD GOD! All bow down before me! (and yes, I answered everything honestly, except the picture of the girl – I noticed the stuff in the backgroud first!)

    Must have been all those Friday nights I spent studying.

    On Chris’s link – 78.69822% – Dysfunctional Geek

    I am well and truly a geek (I have a physics book and a history of engineering book on my bedstand, and a computer for every room in the apartment).

  8. #8 John Lynch
    August 2, 2006

    Seek professional help, my friend. Quickly.

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