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screams incomprehensible

You may want to turn your volume down … Somebody needs to up the dosage. (Yeah, I know. It’s probably a fake, but it’s still funny in a “look at the monkey” kind of way)

Book meme

Book meme from Janet: 1. One book that changed your life? Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species 2. One book you have read more than once? Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species 3. One book you would want on a desert island? The Complete Works of Plato 4. One book that made you laugh? Anything…

OK, now where was I?

After spending time with my DSL provider yesterday, it looks like my line came back automagically over the night. I’m having it checked out this afternoon nonetheless, but I’m hoping I can stay connected until then at least. While I Was gone, plenty happened here. Two quick posts worth highlighting: Ed outlines a legendary poker…

Friday Free Association

This week’s words are: Requirements :: Pizza :: Dating :: Issue :: Sharp :: Distinguish :: Remote :: Felony :: Exercise :: Choose :: (source) See below the cut for my replies.

Possible hiatus

My DSL line is out at home and has been since last night. Since I don’t want to be coming in to my office during my “break”, it may be that posting will be sparce for awhile. Just a warning.

Titles I wish I had used

I was reminded of this by a recent post over at Crooked Timber. Cosma Shalazi‘s review of Stephen Wolfram’s A New Kind of Science [amz] is titled “A Rare Blend of Monster Raving Egomania and Utter Batshit Insanity” – I’d love to be able to stick that on a review!

*Does a double take*

Dick Morris on Fox yesterday: What we don’t understand is in Iraq, a civil war is progress, because it means it’s no longer a war against us. I doubt the Iraqis see it as “progress”. Dick.

The American Bar Association issued a report yesterday on the use of “signing statements” by Bush (in particular) and future Presidents (in general). They note that the practice is “contrary to the rule of law and our constitutional system of separation of powers.” Some examples, Whenever Congress directs the president to furnish information, Mr. Bush…

“You are still blindfolded”

This is …. strange. Apparently there are individuals out there that deny the germ theory of disease. Tara encountered this in one of her comment threads: [F]orget the germ theory nonsense and become a real scientist. … Evidence is all around and you have as much evidence as I do. The sole difference between you…

Campaign slogans