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Success or Failure? You Decide.

It seems the administration’s plans to bring democracy to Afghanistan have been successful. The Times of London notes that the “Department for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, which was set up by the Taliban to enforce bans on women doing anything from working to wearing nail varnish or laughing out loud, is…

Dissent will not be tolerated

Or why Presidential appearances are like Dembski’s blog echo chamber. Must be something to do with “Christian” conservatism, I guess. See here.

End of week roundup

Here are some things that caught my eye this past week or so, but I was unable to post on. Feel free to discuss in the comments as you see fit. Will future doctors be forced to teach abstinence? Stunning macro photos of bugs (hat tip to Jason @ xenogere!) Hippo eats dwarf Feral children…

Someone hit a nerve

Jason does a nice take-down of Dembski’s latest attempt to present ID-friendly research. Interestingly, a commenter (“stevie steve”) got banned from Dembski’s blog for asking a very simple and pertinent question: “Did any ID theorists predict this discovery?” A case of the Emperor’s New Clothes, it seems to me.

A quote to end the day

“[M]ost scientists unfortunately, those that certainly are advocating for this [embryonic stem cell research], and many others feel very little moral compulsion. It’s a utilitarian, materialistic view of doing whatever they can do to pursue their desired goals.” Most scientists apparently feel very little moral compulsion says the junior senator from Pennsylvania. This coming from…

It’s hot, I tell ya, hot!

At 4pm today (i.e. 30 minutes ago), Sky Harbor Airport here in Phoenix was reporting a temperature of 117 degrees – a new daily record. It’s a mite warm here and thunderstorms are expected this evening. We’re actually in the throes of our “monsoon” season – thirty to forty days in July and August where,…

Vote for Joe

And that’s my only comment on Lieberman.

Friday Free Association

After last week’s rundown of my blog-sib’s Friday Features, I felt I’d better get and line and find something to do every Friday. Jason at Xenogene made me aware of Unconscious Mutterings, so I decided that was as good as anything. Deal is this: UM publishes ten words on Sunday and bloggers respond with the…

More on FDA interference

Yesterday, I mentioned the UCS survey of FDA scientists. Today, the results have been released to the public. Some findings: Almost one in five (18 percent) responded, “I have been asked, for non-scientific reasons, to inappropriately exclude or alter technical information or my conclusions in an FDA scientific document.” More than three in five (61…