Stranger Fruit

The need for secrecy

Earlier this week Bill (“Vise, Vise, Baby”) Dembski claimed research by ID supporters was slight because of “threats” to “families and livelihoods” by the “Darwinian fascists” (a phrase he later quietly redacted to “Darwinian enforcers”). Needless to say, he didn’t provide any evidence of threats to “families and livelihoods”.

Now Paul (“The Fableist“) Nelson tells us that the Discovery Institute “actually funds a great deal of primary research — go ahead, snicker — but those receiving the support and their specific projects have become a very quiet business indeed, and that need for secrecy may continue for a long time.”

BWAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Sorry, I couldn’t just snicker. I guess we’re being lead to believe that when research isn’t being done it’s because of the jack-booted Darwinists at the door, but when it is being done, we’re not going to hear about it. Perfect.


  1. #1 J-Dog
    August 4, 2006

    To: All DI Scientists and Researchers
    Re: Proper use of new lab equipment
    After the recent purchase and distribution of Oija Boards to all, it should be stressed that:
    1. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is this to be revealed to the unitiated and uniformed masses.
    2. Dr. Demski will have first crack at any numbers that are revealed.
    3. All references to motors, flagella and bald guys is to be passed on to Dr. Behe.
    4. All totally irrelevant stories will continue to be referred to Casey Luskin.

    Please remember that we are here to Discover “You Know Who!”

    God Bless Us, and may He destroy our enemies in painful fashion,

    Please burn this memo immediately in the Atomic Incinerator, or burn in hell.

  2. #2 wamba
    August 4, 2006

    Well this raises an interesting questino: fableist or fablist?

    I’m sure any attempts to lift the cloak of secrecy would be a threat to national security.

  3. #3 wamba
    August 4, 2006

    It’s the Manhattan Project of ID. That’s because the Waterloo Project didn’t turn out so well.

  4. #4 Doc Bill
    August 4, 2006

    Well, the truth is very simple. Paul Nelson is a liar. The DI is not funding any “research,” although any research they would fund would be “research.”

    So, the “intelligent design” research, er, “research,” is secret because…because…because, oh yeah, if the Stupid Police found out they would all be arrested for Capital Stupidity.

    That’s the way I see it.

  5. #5 W. Kevin Vicklund
    August 4, 2006

    The crossword on Monday(?) used Ancient fabulist as the clue for AEsop. I don’t make any claims as to the accuracy.

    Should we forward that story to the Templeton Foundation? I’m sure they’d be interested to find out that there exists an ID research program…

  6. #6 John Lynch
    August 4, 2006

    According to Merriam-Webster:

    fableist : a teller or writer of fables : FABULIST

    fabulist : (1) a creator or writer of fables especially that carry a moral lesson, (2)professional teller of tales, (3) an inventor of falsehoods : LIAR, PREVARICATOR


  7. #7 truth machine
    August 6, 2006

    DI is secretly funding teams of diggers who are scouring the planet looking for rabbit fossils.

  8. #8 mark
    August 7, 2006

    Their research is published in the premier journal of creationism (subscription and secret handshake required)–only certified members of the Discovery Institute are issued the magic spectacles necessary for reading.

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