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Saturday Football Blogging

i-548baf72cb6e4e2c2dec0c47c082a194-asuhelm[7].jpg ASU (#18) are playing the Cal Golden Bears (#20) at Berkeley. The first half has just ended and the Devils are down 42-14. After a good opening scoring drive, ASU have just collapsed, with the only ray of sunshine being the running effort of (third-string RB) Ryan Torain, a JC transfer from Kansas. Rudy Carpenter has thrown two interceptions to Daymeion Hughes (one for a touchdown), and has not been on form. A punt was returned for a touchdown. Worst of all there is a whole half left to go.

At this rate, watching Notre Dame being beaten by Michigan State later this evening will be the highlight of my day.

Update: Well that was ugly. Game ended 49-21. The ASU offense gave up 14 points, special teams a further seven. Zach Miller was non-existent, and Carpenter had the sort of day that he’d rather forget. Nothing much to really be happy about and playing Oregon and USC in the next two games is going to be painful.

Oh, and a memo to the FSN crew that called the game. It’s not ‘A-State’ – it’s ASU, Sun Devils, Devils, Arizona State. No one refers to ASU as “A-State”.


  1. #1 RPM
    September 23, 2006

    Dirk Koetter will be 0-11 against Pac10 teams in the state of California, assuming they don’t stage a miraculous comeback.

  2. #2 John Lynch
    September 23, 2006

    Yup. It doesn’t help when your QB goes 16 for 36 and 4 interceptions, two for a TD.

    We’re now 3-1. I expect after the Oregon and USC games, we’ll be 3-3.

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