Stranger Fruit

More on MCA

As Jack Cafferty notes, the MCA 2006 bill passed by the Senate yesterday snuck in a clause that absolves the Bush administration of any potential war crimes that may have occurred since 11th September 2001. Handy.

It is also revealling to look at the ammendments that were voted down:

  • One that would have struck the habeas corpus provision,
  • one that would have established a five year sunset on the legislation,
  • one that would have require the Central Intelligence Agency to submit to Congressional oversight, and
  • one which would have required the State Department to inform other nations of what interrogation techniques it considers illegal for use on American troops, a move intended to prompt the administration to say publicly what techniques it considers out of bounds.

This one will, no doubt, go to SCOTUS and be kicked back to Congress but it gives a boost to Bush going into the mid-terms.