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$62,000 a win … is it worth it?

I’m no fan of pro football and only really watch the odd Monday night game (while relaxing after work) and the Super Bowl (if family are over). Last Monday I watched the Arizona Cardinals choke big-time against Chicago, the only Cardinals game I’ve watched in nearly thirteen years of living in Arizona.

Today the 1-5 Cardinals took on the 0-5 Raiders … and lost 22-9. Wow. The coach, Denny Green, makes $2,500,000 a year for “coaching” this “team” to a 12-27 record. Nice money if you can get it … approximately $62,000 per win, more that I get paid a year.

If only 31% of my students succeeded, I don’t think I’d have a job. On Tuesday Green fired his offensive coordinator … I think he needs to fire himself now.


  1. #1 J-Dog
    October 22, 2006

    Yes, I though AZ would come out on fire, anxious to prove that they were bettter than their Monday night performance and result indicated. Clealy I was wrong, and I think Denny Green has lost this team. It is time for him to go the way of the Anasazi.

    I also thought Northwestern would pay attention to the Cardinal collapse on Monday, but I guess they all had term papers due, or Mid-Terms to stdy for, because they were clearly also not paying attention. At least NU Alum Stephen Colbert showed up for Homecoming. It must have made him feel right at home, becasue I don’t think the Wildcats were too good in the 80’s.

    Well, at least the NU Rugby Teams are pretty good.

  2. #2 Mike P
    October 23, 2006

    I’m wonder which side of the 31% I’d fall in… can a broke grad student be considered a success?

    But yes. The Cards are embarrassing this year.

  3. #3 Bob Brashear
    October 23, 2006

    “The coach, Denny Green, makes $2,500,000 a year for “coaching” this “team” to a 12-27 record. Nice money if you can get it … approximately $62,000 per win, more that I get paid a year.”

    The “Denny Green Follies” goes on. Has he pulled the “race card” on the Az media, like he did here in Minnesota? Good luck to the Cardinals. They’re gonna need it. It will get very ugly before Green is booted.

  4. #4 Amit
    October 23, 2006

    After that Chicago debacle, I really thought about not being a Cardinals fan. But Arizona is where I’m from and Phoenix is my town. But it only gets worse. How can you score only 9 points on a team that has Leinart, James, Boldin, Fitzgerlad? Its time for Green to go. (And while we’re at it, same with Mike Stoops)

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