Stranger Fruit


Benedict is at it again:

“Contemporary life gives pride of place to an artificial intelligence ever more enslaved to experimental tecnhiques [sic], thereby forgetting that all science should safeguard mankind and promote his tendency to authentic goodness.”

“Letting yourself be seduced by discovery without paying attention to the criteria of a deeper vision could lead to the drama the myth [of Icarus] speaks of.” (source)

I guess he’s trying to tell us that ignoring the “deeper vision” leads your wax wings to melt and you’ll never get to “authentic goodness.” Crystal clear, that is.

Funny how the Pope has to appropriate imagery from a polytheisitic culture to make his point.


  1. #1 Zarquon
    October 22, 2006

    I know he’s trying to argue that scientists can go too far when researching and should not fall prey to hubris but
    it was the non-scientist, Icarus, who got carried away. The scientist was Daedalus who built the wings, Icarus was just testing the engineering.

  2. #2 Friend Fruit
    October 23, 2006

    all science should safeguard mankind and promote his tendency to authentic goodness.

    Sounds like he’s been reading Asimov’s I, Robot trilogy.

  3. #3 ChrisTheRed
    October 25, 2006

    The deeper vision stuff could have come from the yap of Deepak Chopra–rather unprepossessing. Maybe it’s shallow and all too easy to go there, but man, His Holiness is one creepy looking dude.

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