Stranger Fruit

Scampering away


A red squirrel runs through the Lazienki Park on a crisp autumn morning in Warsaw, Poland.
Source: AP.

Like this little guy, I’m heading out of here. Later on this week, I’m off to the History of Science Society meeting in Vancouver. The meeting is held with the Philosophy of Science Association so I’ll get the opportunity to hang with some of my SciBlings: Janet, John, David & Ben. Janet is chairing a session at the PSA and I’m doing likewise at the HSS – the others, to the best of my knowledge, are are there to socialize contribute to the rich academic environment that is a meeting. For this reason alone, cocktail hour has already been arranged.

In any case, what this means is that things are going to be quiet here for a few days. I may get to blog from the conference starting Thursday … depends on how much the hotel wants to stiff me for access to the tubes.