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Airport Porn?

USA Today is reporting that Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport will next month begin trials of backscatter x-ray screening. And how are the TSA ensuring that “naked” pictures of passengers wont appear online? At airports, they will be programmed to shade or blur travelers’ bodies and medical devices. Screeners will view the images in remote rooms…

Wizened baby animal alert

I like this photo for some reason – seven-day-old stump-tailed or bear macaque (Macaca arctoides). Follow the link for pictures of adults and details of this endangered species. Credit: AP-Photo.

Conservatism and Evolution

As part of the Panda’s Thumb series debunking Jonathan Wells’ latest dreck (The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design), Tim Sandefur, himself a self-avowed conservative libertarian Republican, argues that Wells’ work offers “no helpful contribution” to any debate about the compatibility of conservatism and evolution. Tim ends his piece: The bottom line is…

Something to look forward to

With the ASU football season winding down, it is time to turn to other things. So why not rugby? The Irish team are favorites for the coming Six Nations Championship, after winning the Triple Crown last year, and a series of victories over South Africa, Australia and the Pacific Islanders which left them the #5…

Ornithological fact of the day


I’ve managed to finish my grading. Yipee! What this means is that the semester is finally beginning to wind down. Sure, there will be some grading left to do, but it will be relatively less onerous. Three classes left to teach, a handful of graduate student papers, and some short pieces from my undergraduates. Then Fall…

Scribble, scribble

No posting today (or perhaps even tomorrow) as I’m tucked away in my lair grading. In any case, Mike Dunford made the only point I was going to make.

It’s the last regular season game for ASU – the Territorial Cup game against the University of Arizona Wildcats. At the beginning of the season, I don’t think anyone would have predicted that ASU would have a 3-5 PAC-10 record and U of A (4-4) would have beaten three ranked opponents in a row entering into…

It’s only a theory


As of today, November 25th, US involvement in Iraq has lasted longer than US involvement in World War II – 1348 days. The “War on Terror” has been longer. And what do we have to show for it?