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Greetings from Vancouver

It the first morning of the HSS meeting here in Vancouver and as usual I spent yesterday evening reconnecting with people. Highlight was, of course, meeting Janet, John, David and Ben for cocktails. There will be pictures, I promise you.

My morning is full – indeed I have to head to a session on science & religion in a few minutes – and my afternoon has a Philosophy of Science Association session on organisms and models. The evening will no doubt feature fine dining and good beers.

Oh, and it’s raining … a lot.

More later as needed.


  1. #1 pough
    November 3, 2006

    Holy crap! Everyone’s here! Yes, it was something of a Noachian deluge last night, wasn’t it? As for beers, if you want to do something particularly Canadian, try the Maple Cream Ale. Some might call it blasphemous, but it’s also an experience. It might not end up being a good experience…

  2. #2 JohnnieCanuck
    November 3, 2006

    Welcome to Vancouver.

    Really, it’s been quite a nice fall. Hardly any rain at all, til now. Grin. You may think this is a lot, but consider it might now continue more or less steadily for months. 1100 mm in a year isn’t such a lot, is it?

    If you are a cliché collector, now’s your chance. Wet coast, liquid sunshine and webbed toes are just to get you started.

    Would have been interesting to meet you and the others, but the last ferry is at 9:15 pm which means leaving before things have barely started. When do you have to head back?

    Whether you could or would find the time, the Body World exhibit is at Science World.

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