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More on the DI and the Jones decision

The flacks over at the Discovery Institute are spending an inordinate amount of time on their latest press release aimed at somehow undermining Judge Jones’ opinion in Kitzmiller v Dover. This is particularly interesting giving the DI claim that they felt that the case should not have gone to trial in the first place. Having lost in the courts (as they have in the scientific arena), they are aiming to win the only way they possible can – by persuading the public that “activist judges” and “evil Darwinists” are plotting to brainwash the students.

Tim Sandefur steps into the breach and takes on one piece of drivel from John West who appears to be way out of his field when dealing with legal issues. Perhaps he should stick to political science?

According to West, “Darwinists are in a tizzy”. Since I’m not a Darwinist, I guess I’m not in a tizzy. Actually, I’m sort of happy. One year after the decision, ID still hasn’t provided any scientific argument for design and its finest minds have spent their time counting words using Microsoft Word, giving sermons, and learning Yiddish insults. Can we expect more from the Biologic Institute? No reason to think so.

Update (Dec 14th): Having disposed of West, Tim Sandefur now takes on the DI’s staff attorney, Casey Luskin, and finds that “[n]one of the other cases Luskin cites support his attempt to portray Judge Jones as a puppet of the ACLU. In fact, they represent good old-fashioned quote mining, a skill well developed among creationists, I’m sorry to say.”


  1. #1 CaptainMike
    December 14, 2006

    “Having lost in the courts (as they have in the scientific arena)…” – John Lynch

    I don’t think this is entirely accuracte. Don’t they have to get into the scientific arena before they can lose in it?

  2. #2 mark
    December 14, 2006

    Well, CaptainMike, if your softball team doesn’t show up for the game, you lose–and as you say, the ID proponents have yet to show up for a game.

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