Stranger Fruit

Ed Brayton on a roll

Ed’s got a bunch of stories up this afternoon dealing with ID:

  • The Cobb Country sticker case has been settled and the country will not order the placement of “any stickers, labels, stamps, inscriptions, or other warnings or disclaimers bearing language substantially similar to that used on the sticker that is the subject of this action.” [Update: Press release from Americans United]
  • A computer analysis of Judge Jones’ decision shows that he incorporated only 48% of the findings of fact that the plaintiffs proposed that he incorporate. As Ed notes, “[t]he fact that Judge Jones incorporated less than half of the plaintiffs proposed findings into his ruling shows that he did not incorporate them either wholesale or uncritically, which is the only situation in which such behavior is frowned upon by the higher courts.” Another DI myth busted.
  • Richard Sternberg’s status as ID martyr is seriously damaged. He was sloppy in his curation of specimens (and treatment of library materials) at the Smithsonian and frankly I’d have kicked him out had he been a researcher under me. Yet he remains at the Smithsonian (some persecution!). He was not treated different to others regarding keys and offices. He was definitely unprofessional in his handling of the Meyer paper for Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington by ignoring associate editors who were specialists in invertebrate paleobiology. Partisan reports aside, this is yet another DI myth busted.


  1. #1 Friend Fruit
    December 19, 2006

    Wow, first Mother Teresa on a bun, and now Ed Brayton on a roll. Do you have a photo?

  2. #2 Robert O'Brien
    December 20, 2006

    No doubt the roll was thoroughly buttered.

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