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Freepers on AiG finances

Noticed a few hits from this morning as someone called “truthfinder9” had linked to my post about Ken Ham and AiG revenue. Here is a highlight:


I noticed the miltant YECs over at AIG have stepped up their unchristian attacks on other Christians. I wonder if their drop in funding has anything to do with it. Or maybe their methods and actions are finally catching up to them. …. [snip quote from my original post]


Isn’t it illegal for members of a nonprofit to financially benefit from the donations of their supporters? Seems like Ken Ham was living high off the hog.


I realize this will make all of you militant YECs angry and red in the face, but really, when are Christians going to stop sending money to groups that so obviously misuse it?

Hebrews 11:6

You stated facts in a way that can only be perceived as an ungracious, unloving, and hateful attack–indeed, the first responder questioned your Christianity solely on the basis of your post. You are so busy now defending yourself from me that you are unable to hear what the Holy Spirit might be saying through me.

Be quiet, and listen to Him.


No, you perceived it as “hateful” which doesn’t make it hateful. How are facts hateful? They aren’t. But the unwillingness for Christians to address them, because they don’t want to offend people, is why this problem exists. I’m not defending anything, I don’t have to. Maybe you should ask why you are so offended. Who needs to “be quiet and listen” here? I’m not the one upset.

Hebrews 11:6

I’m not upset, and I’m not the one whose Christianity was immediately called into question by my posting.

I gave you some excellent advice. Now, I’m praying that the Holy Spirit is able to bless you and, ultimately, others through you.

I’m sure the Holy Spirit is a big fan of Ham 🙂