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Today in Science

January 30th

1720 – Birth of Charles De Geer, Swedish industrialist and entomologist

1822 – Birth of Franz Ritter von Hauer, Austrian geologist

1858 – Death of Coenraad Jacob Temminck, Dutch zoologist

1899 – Birth of Max Theiler, South African virologist, Nobel Prize Laureate

1925 – Birth of Douglas Engelbart, American computer scientist

1928 – Death of Johannes Andreas Grib Fibiger, Danish scientist, Nobel Prize Laureate

1948 – Death of Orville Wright, American aviation pioneer

1951 – Death of Ferdinand Porsche, Austrian automotive engineer

1958 – Death of Ernst Heinkel, German aviation engineer

1949 – Birth of Peter Agre, American biologist, Nobel Prize Laureate

1991 – Death of John Bardeen, American physicist, Nobel Prize Laureate

1995 – Death of Gerald Durrell, British naturalist, zookeeper, author, and television presenter

2001 – Death of Joseph Ransohoff, the father of modern neurosurgery