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AAAS Update

The problem with the AAAS meeting is that so much is going on that it can be difficult to actually decide what to do. And much of what is good involves stuff happening outside of the sessions. I have run into (and dined with) people from Alliance for Science, the Clergy Letter Project, Evolution
and Darwin Day. I’ve hung out with Tara and brunched this morning with Janet, her husband, and the adorable Stemwedel Sprogs (charter members of the Order of the Science Scouts Special Children’s Auxiliary). This evening is looking like dinner with some of the crazies from NCSE,
followed with hanging with Chris Mooney and some other journalist types. All good.

And somewhat surprisingly, this large science meeting has not had a sighting of any Discovery Institute fellows nor any sessions discussing the “new science for a new century”. I guess advancement of science is not their thing.


  1. #1 Laurent
    February 17, 2007

    They are maybe busy doing research, who knows!


  2. #2 William Brandes
    February 17, 2007

    Maybe the DI folks were polishing bricks at the new creationist museum outside Cinci, OH. Want more on the Clergy Letter Project, check out and while there scoop up a banner for your website. William

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